Real Cleaners for Real Life.

Pet Stains

These cleaners are needed in every pet-owner’s home


Carpet Cleaners

Products that will rekindle your love for carpet


Household Needs

Changing the rules behind “impossible” messes

Odor Control

Breathe easy… Odors don’t stand a chance!

We Make Products That Clean!

Fresh Again

Destroy Foul Odors from Practially Anywhere

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Gone for Good

All-Natural Enzymatic Urine, Stain, & Odor Remover

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Oxygenated Peroxide Cleaner for Safe & Effective Cleaning.

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All Mighty

Extra Strength Formula for Tough Cleaning Jobs

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Happy Carpet

Concentrated Carpet Shampoo for Machines

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Permanently Remove Urine Stains & Smells.

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Astounding Results

Find out how to remove blood, mold and mildew, grass, ink, smelly urine, wine, food, oil, grease, paint, clay, coffee, rust, and grunge from any surface. Remove stains from clothes, leather, carpet, upholstery, silk, stainless steel, concrete, car, couch, tile, tile grout, countertops, bathrooms, kitchen, siding, pipe fences, trash cans, and any place with stains.

Let us know your stain issue, and you’ll get a recommendation for your particular situation.

Made in the USA

Chem-Girl is a cleaning supply company in Muldrow, OK, that specializes in pet stain removers, spot & stain cleaners, carpet cleaning products, household cleaning products, odor eliminators & neutralizers, and urine deodorizers.

One oF A Kind

CHEM-GIRL Brand Cleaning Products are Industrial Grade compounds made right here in the USA that are now available to your home. They are still sold in bulk to Industrial, Commercial, Manufacturing, Government, and Transportation companies across the USA.

Get the cleaning power of Concentrated Cleaners that will handle your toughest jobs. From Pet Stain RemoversCarpet Cleaning Products, Spot & Stain Cleaners, Household Cleaning ProductsOdor Eliminators and Neutralizers/Urine Deodorizers, Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner, Enzymatic Cleaners, and the best Carpet Steam Cleaner Shampoo you’ve ever seen. We make products that clean!

Purchase the Pet Stain Bundle for only $65!


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One Gallon of Gone For Good, 1 Quart of Happy Carpet, and 1 Quart of Destroyer. A $79.85 value for just $65!