Deodorizer & Odor Neutralizer

Fresh Again Air & Surface Odor Remover

Fresh again will remove odors from carpet, shoes, trash cans, litter boxes, furniture, and even the air – leaving your home feeling fresh with a nice ocean mist scent.


Exterminate Stinky Smells

Fresh again doesn’t just deodorize… it removes bad smells completely. And the ocean mist scent will leave your household smelling nice and fresh!


Useful Practically Anywhere

Use on carpetdrapesfurniture, car interiors, shoesgym bagsgarbage disposalsbathroomsatticslocker roomstrash cansair conditioner vents, closets, cigarette smoke, & more!


Not Just for Households

Great for apartments, office break rooms, child care centers, veterinary clinics, gyms, nursing homes, medical facilities, sports clubs, spas, salons, pet groomers, animal housing, and more!


More for Your Dollar

Just 2 ounces of concentrate makes a full quart of deodorizing smell-killer.

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Fresh Again Works Wonders in Smelly Situations

Chem-Girl Fresh Again is a concentrated, industrial strength deodorizer that chemically neutralizes odor – either in the air or directly on hard and soft surfaces – and leaves your home smelling fresh!

Fresh Again can be used just about anywhere to eliminate foul odors wherever you might find them.


Perfect for smells in couchessofas, rugs, fabrics, curtains, gym bags, clothes, shoes, boots, & uniforms.

Excellent for getting rid of animal smells from pet beds, mattresses, livestock penskennels, & crates.

Use indoors on smelly garbage disposalsdiaper binssmoke damaged itemscarpet drapes.

Try it on car interiorsmusty closetssmelly lockersastroturf garbage cans, & more!

Directions for Use

Pet Odor:

Dilute 8 oz FRESH AGAIN to 1 gallon of water (2 oz to a quart) in a spray bottle. Use on urine smells, pet bedding, litter boxes, pet crates, kennels, pens, car interiors, bird cages, livestock pens… ANYWHERE your pets cause an odor!

Smelly Shoes:

Dilute 8 oz per gallon of water, and spray inside the shoe. Great for smelly tennis shoes, sports cleats, and stinky boots!

Carpet Odor:

Dilute 8 oz per gallon of water, and spray on affected area.

Cigarette / Smoke Odor:

Dilute 8 oz per gallon of water. Spray on hard surfaces or soft surfaces.

Air Freshener:

Dilute 4 oz per gallon of water (1 oz to a quart) in a spray bottle. Spray in the air to neutralize odor. Both smells will dissipate in a few minutes.

Stinky or Sour Laundry:

Add 1-2 oz FRESH AGAIN to Rinse Cycle to get rid clothes of stubborn odors from mildew, work-environments, sweat, etc.

Mopping Floors:

Add 2 oz FRESH AGAIN to Mop Bucket to make whole room smell fresh.

Strong, Stubborn Odors:

Use Full Strength or dilute as desired!

Ingredients: Water, Cationic Surfactants

Safety: Always test in a small, inconspicuous area first. Do not spray directly on people or pets. Do not spray on toys or other items that children or pets may put in their mouths. Allow product to dry completely before allowing pets or children contact with the treated item / area. Do not ingest.

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