Household Cleaning

These cleaners can clean the “impossible”!

Spot & Stain Remover


ALL-MIGHTY - Ready and Easy to Use, Concentrated All Purpose Spot, Stain, & Soil Remover. Safe on most all surfaces. ALL-MIGHTY removes grease, ink, creams, liquor, oil, juice, coffee, tar, candy, beverages, shoe polish, floor wax, fats, make-up, lipstick, face cream, chocolate, grass, crayon, water spots & rings, pet stains (both urine & feces) etc. For Laundry Stains, carpet, and upholstery, use full strength, and wash immediately. Product works best with hot water, followed by rinsing in high concentration applications. Use as an instant cleaner for smudge problems around door handles, light switches, greasy spots, finger marks, stains, dirt and dust problems. Always rinse after applying.

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$19.95 Ready to Use - quart | $25.95 Concentrated - quart

Stain & Odor | Oxi-Cleaner


Try this Chlorine-Free Spray on laundry stains, carpet stains, upholstery stains, cabinet stains, floor stains (even grout). It's Biodegradable, so it won't harm surfaces. Try it on your Stainless Steel appliances for the best clean you've seen on them. Use it on your Granite countertops to remove grease and grime, and make them shine like they did when they were new! You'll love this safe cleaner everywhere in your house! Money Back Guarantee!

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$19.95 quart | $39.95 gallon

Stain & Odor

Gone For Good

Gone For Good contains a natural enzyme that breaks down organic matter, and neutralizes odors from pet stains. Excellent for other organic stains such as coffee, tea, blood, and soft drinks without harming the carpet or upholstery fibers - All while leaving a clean, fresh scent. Gone for Good does not contain any harsh cleaning chemicals like caustics or solvents. It's Ready to Use.

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$19.95 quart | $39.95 gallon

Odor Neutralizer

Fresh Again

FRESH AGAIN is an extremely concentrated Odor Neutralizer that can be used on surfaces and in the air on all odors. It chemically neutralizes any foul odor.

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$19.95 quart | $39.95 gallon

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