Pet Stains

Alone, or in a group, these 3 cleaners are needed in every pet-owner’s home!

Stain & Odor

Gone For Good

Gone For Good contains a natural enzyme that breaks down organic matter, and neutralizes odors from pet stains. Excellent for other organic stains such as coffee, tea, blood, and soft drinks without harming the carpet or upholstery fibers - All while leaving a clean, fresh scent. Gone for Good does not contain any harsh cleaning chemicals like caustics or solvents. It's Ready to Use.

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$19.95 quart | $39.95 gallon

Stain & Odor | PreTreat


This is the ONE product that will truly eliminate Dried Urine (and Urine Smell) from your carpet. Its Concentrated Industrial Formula will get the job done the first time, every time! For Best Results - follow the directions EXACTLY. Do not leave this product after applying. It MUST be followed with a Carpet Extraction Machine (like a Rug Doctor or Bissell) to be effective. This formula will actually dissolve & encapsulate the salt in urine that causes the smell to return, and the animals to "re-mark" the spot. After Destroyer, it's like the spot was never there. Works on Upholstery too!

$19.95 quart

For ALL Extraction Machines

Happy Carpet Concentrate

#1 BEST Carpet Shampoo available for use with any Carpet Extraction Machine. Made for professionals and industrial applications, this Premium Carpet Shampoo is now available for residential customers. Its Concentrated formula can be diluted and makes up to 8 gallons with One Quart! Can be used after pre-spot treatment of DESTROYER for Urine Stains, or ALL-MIGHTY Concentrated Cleaner for set in stains that you think won't ever come out. You get a Money Back Guarantee, and step by step instructions to make your Carpet Cleaning experience a success.

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19.95 quart | 39.95 gallon

Purchase the Pet Stain Bundle for only $65!


NOW $65.00  $79.85

One Gallon of Gone For Good, 1 Quart of Happy Carpet, and 1 Quart of Destroyer. A $79.85 value for just $65!